About Lifebeats

The Beat of our Business

As much as we would love to build a brand solely on positivity and values, we understand the intricacies of the business side as well.  Lifebeats’ team has been producing jewelry and gifts for over thirty years and has an excellent track record of creating high quality, affordable, best-selling jewelry and gift items.

In that thirty years, we have been able to duplicate our success multiple times by taking the strongest concepts in one industry and applying them to new markets.  We have received multiple awards and found great success in the faith based, licensed sports, general gift, and souvenir industries, with one of our ventures qualifying as an Inc. 500 company. 

We have an experienced and talented product development committee that takes each item through a 45-step product development process that ensures a high level of quality and marketability. Our Sales and Marketing staff have twenty plus years’ experience within the gift industry. 

We stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty on our entire line. Each item is also safety tested to meet federal safety standards to ensure that products are free from lead and other harmful substances. The entire Lifebeats line is based on concepts that have found strong success in other industries, meaning that although Lifebeats is a new venture, its products already have a proven track record.

One of our company mantras is that our success comes as a result of the success of our retailers. With that in mind, we have created complete display programs. Each display contains reorder cards behind each item to make it easier for store owners and their employees to keep track of inventory. We have designed and built compact displays that are not only functional and durable but flexible in products that we can display.  We also have customizable web graphics and content that we allow our retailers to use in their marketing and social media.  Lifebeats also has a phenomenal customer service team and fast shipping times, with most orders being shipped within 48 hours.

Our team is passionate about Lifebeats. We feel we have been given great opportunities and want to use our expertise, experience, and knowledge of jewelry products to return positivity into the world. We know how to make our programs and products successful and easy to adopt in your stores and hope that you will join us in this Lifebeat.